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Tree Removal in Edmonton

Trees are an integral component of a thriving landscape. Besides their beauty and environmental benefits like oxygen production, trees also provide habitats for local wildlife, act as natural air conditioners in the summer, and increase property values


Despite their benefits, trees are living organisms that are susceptible to pest infestations, disease, and other unsightly damages. Preservation may be the ideal solution to these issues, but tree removal may be a more suitable course of action under certain circumstances. This procedure is dangerous without the proper equipment and know-how, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.


Our company is one of the leading providers of Edmonton tree removal services. We help Edmonton residents improve their landscape by removing unsafe, diseased, and dying trees as well as those located in nearby construction zones.
Here are several benefits you can expect when acquiring our superior tree removal services.

Clear Away Diseased or Dead Trees With Ease

Diseases that affect Edmonton trees can lead to anything, from unattractive canopies to death of the plant itself. Illnesses can spread to nearby trees by insects and wildlife, creating a direr situation requiring immediate attention. Arborists can diagnose the disease, and they might have treatment options to save the plant and prevent the illness from spreading further


If a tree is dying or dead, it is only taking up space in your yard; it no longer serves a purpose. Not only could it decrease your property value, but the decaying tree will also create hazards. Branches can break without warning and cause significant property damage or bodily harm.


Dead or severely diseased trees without viable treatments should be handled by a professional tree removal service to make your property safer. We have the necessary tools and equipment to handle the job quickly and safely.

Address Safety Concerns on Your Property

Trees can pose several dangers to your home and pedestrians in the area. Overgrown roots can spread under the building’s foundation, driveway, walkway, and sidewalk, causing the concrete to push up and make the surface uneven. People can trip over these areas, and a weak foundation leaves the building vulnerable to significant water damage.
Root systems can also invade sewer systems, resulting in clogged pipes, reduced water pressure inside nearby buildings, and bacteria-ridden sewage backups. Tree trimming and pruning services may offer temporary relief, but in some cases, a complete removal is the better option.


Our team has extensive knowledge of various hazards trees pose to homeowners and businesses throughout Edmonton. We will conduct a thorough inspection of the problematic tree on the property and determine if a removal is the best course of action.

Save Time and Money With Professional Edmonton Tree Removal Services

Cutting down a tree may appear to be a simple task, but it involves a lot of skill, intricate knowledge, and specialized tools and equipment like stump grinders and bucket trucks. Attempting to complete the job without experience can lead to severe injuries and property damage. A professional service is safer and saves you money on tool purchases and repairs due to accidental damage.


If you attempt to remove a tree without professional assistance, you will likely spend time trying to learn various ways to tackle the project and traveling to purchase tools. When you hire a professional Edmonton tree removal company, you can relax. We take care of everything for you.


We have all the tools required to get the job done right without damaging nearby structures or leaving behind a mess. Our equipment allows us to work quickly and efficiently.

Keep Your Property Free of Post-Removal Debris

Trees and shrubs will enhance your property’s attractiveness, but they can also generate unsightly debris like twigs, leaves, broken branches, and acorns. If you don’t have a regular maintenance plan to deal with the mess or if there is too much for you to handle, tree removal is a permanent option for eliminating the cause of your landscaping woes.

Removing trees will prevent your property from accumulating excessive debris and keep the area looking neat and clean. The procedure could also remove obstructions to nearby low-lying plants that were not receiving adequate sunlight, inhibiting their growth.

By relying on tree removal services from Edmonton Arborists, you will never need to worry about a mess after the process is complete. After carefully removing the unwanted plants, we clear away all debris generated by the removal process, leaving your yard pristine and attractive.

If you have hazardous or unattractive trees on your property, reach out to Edmonton Arborists to inquire about our Edmonton tree removal services. Our knowledgeable and highly trained team uses top-notch equipment and tools to remove the plant without damaging other structures. Contact us today to receive more information about this beneficial service.

One of the most common tree diseases in North America is Dutch elm disease. The illness results from an invasive fungus spread by Elm bark beetles. Edmonton is the only place in North America that does not have this issue. 

Harmful pests with which Edmonton residents should concern themselves include leaf beetles and sawfly larvae. These insects eat tree leaves during their larval stage, causing significant defoliation.


Weevil infestations are another concern. Their larvae eat the bark and foliage of fruit trees, which are common in Edmonton, and cause reduced fruit production, stunted growth, and leaf loss.


Our team has the knowledge to identify specific pest infestations and come up with a solution to treat the problem, which may include tree removal.

Other cities in Canada have strict rules and guidelines for removing trees from private property, but such is not the case in Edmonton. As long a tree is on personal property, the owner can remove the tree at any time without a permit. The city’s primary concern is the tree’s health and maintenance, so tree removal is an appropriate response to improve the landscape and pedestrian safety.


Unlike private property, trees on public land belong to the municipality. It is the city’s responsibility to trim, prune, and remove trees. Conducting any work on city-owned trees may result in you paying for the tree’s value and other related costs.

Tree removal is a dangerous procedure that is best left to trained professionals. Also, a tree’s potential danger is not always apparent unless you know how to conduct a thorough examination.


If you have concerns about a tree’s safety, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Tree Business Inc. As skilled arborists, we have the necessary skills and expertise to evaluate a tree and determine if it is hazardous and needs removal. We note various factors that contribute to potential tree instability, such as internal rot and pest infestation.

Costs for removing trees in Edmonton depend on several factors, including their health, location, size, and species. Stump grinding, retaining logs for firewood, and additional services by the tree care company will also affect the final price of removal. After considering all factors, Edmonton tree removal expenses can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.


Edmonton Arborists Inc. prides itself on providing Edmonton residents with affordable tree removal services. Contact us today to receive a quote.

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